Childrens Health

Does your child:

  • Have spinal pain from asthma or allergies?
  • Have asthma? 
  • Have ADD/ADHD? 
  • Have difficulty concentrating? 
  • Generally not as well as they should be? 
  • Have some digestive issues, and crying in infants?  
  • Scoliosis in children and adolescents?

You want to give your child the best start to life and help them be free from illness. With some simple and natural ways to enhance your Children’s Health, it will make yours and their life much more enjoyable.

Patient’s who suffer from asthma may also experience coughing because of hypersensitivities to irritants in the air. This couching reaction can cause spinal pain which is something Chiropractors can help with.

Chiropractic care may increase the activity scale and quality of life in those suffering from asthma, rather than treating the condition itself. Although Chiropractic care should not be used as a primary intervention for asthma alone, there is evidence that suggests positive use as an adjunct therapy to standard pharmacological treatments, such as preventer and reliver spacer/puffers. 

Patients with the condition of Scoliosis must be diagnosed and managed appropriately in adolescents and children. For individuals that do have a genetic predisposition or risk to this condition, it is very important for their future health and quality of life. Diagnosing, monitoring, and treatment in males and females should start at difference ages, just as they start puberty and skeletal growth increases, which starts earlier for females and a bit later for males. It is important that parents of children and adolescents be made aware of the possible outcomes of scoliosis in children, as it can affect their physical, social, and mental health dramatically if scoliosis progression is made and if it is severe.  

Our Chiropractors can create a treatment plan for patients with scoliosis which can address multiple symptoms that can arise. While the curvature of the spine can’t be straightened through Chiropractic treatment, many studies have shown that hands on therapy can provide patients with pain relief, increased flexibility, and a greater range of motion. This then leads to an increased ability to perform day to day movements and excercises that may have been prescribed by an Orthopedic doctor.

Infants can have dietary sensitivities of which some dietary advice can help with crying, digestive issues and sleep quality. Generally, there is some evidence that Chiropractic care does help with quality of life in children under chiropractic wellness care with lesser reported symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain inference and fatigue.


You can make an appointment with a qualified and professional Naturopath/Nutritionist for help.

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