Salivary Hormone Testing

Salivary Hormone Testing is used by our Naturopath as a tool for assessing allergies, immunity, parasites, leaky gut and hormones. General Pathology tests may also be required and can be taken at the clinic.

These tests may involve blood, saliva, urine, stool sampling or a skin prick test.

The allergy test is quite simple and requires you to prick your figure and place a drop of blood on a specific collection circle. Allow this to dry and it is then sent off for testing. Ninety Six (96) or more foods are tested. The results will verify the foods of which you have allergies.


Parasites, immunity and dysbiosis can all be checked in a stool collection taken over 3 consecutive days. It is a simple test and easy to collect.
To check on stress, saliva is collected and the cortisol levels are checked. Oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone can also be checked through saliva.

Thyroid hormones can be checked within the clinic through blood tests.

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