Meet Dr Sze Harn Woon

Dr Sze Harn Woon | Central City Chiropractic Perth

Hi, I’m Sze. I completed my Chiropractic (BChiro & BSc Chiro) double degree at Murdoch University in Perth.


I was inspired to be a Chiropractor by my past experience as an athlete. As an athlete, I suffered from chronic back stiffness and pain, however discovered that chiropractic could help with this, and enabled me to perform better and prevent re-occurrences of injuries. As a result, I would like to help not just athletes but everyone to live, work and perform activities they like without the need to endure any daily pain and/or discomfort.


I really enjoy helping and solving cases of musculoskeletal pain, however, also believe that patient-centred care is very important as patients understand well what their body feels and what they want.


In terms of chiropractic technique, my “go-to” techniques are hands-on chiropractic manipulation/mobilisation therapy, muscle-joint mobilisation and active release techniques. My special interest lies in the treatment of sciatica pain (lumbar radiculopathy) and slipped discs (disc bulges/herniation). I believe that with my constantly evolving skills and technique, all that is usually required are hands and a good chiropractic table.


Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and pets at home and out in the park. I believe that in order to keep both mind and body healthy, outdoor activities are essential.

Dr Sze Harn Woon | Perth CBD | (08) 9221 4527